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Curry Powder

All curry blends £1.99 unless otherwise stated.

Satan's Ashes

The Hottest Curry Dish In The World

A combination of exotic spices from around the world with a special blend of some of the hottest chillies there are. This is the first curry to be tested as the hottest in the world.

Satan's Ashes has a fantastic tongue burning heat that will make your tongue feel like it is melting!!!

The first batch the hottest and most talked about curry on the planet.

1 packet (to make a meal for 4) £2.99


Red Chicken Curry

This Curry originates from Sylhet in Bangladesh, and is bright red in colour due to the combination of red chilli powder and tomato. Coriander and cumin also feature strongly in this curry creating a vibrant, exciting flavour. This dish has a spicy thin gravy and is best served with rice.


Onion Bhajias

A favourite snack of India, Bhajias consist of a savoury vegetable mixture in a spicy batter, they can be served as an appetiser or as a side dish alongside any Starly’s main Curry.


Tikka Masala

This is a dish that’s celebrated in the west but less well known in India. It is said to be Britain’s favourite Chicken dish!! Our version is mild to medium in heat, using cream and yogurt to create a silky consistency, with paprika, cumin and ginger the prominent spices ensuring an aromatic, delicious curry for all the family.


Jalfrezi Curry

Another big Starly’s favourite!! This popular Indian dish features sautéed onions, tomatoes and green chillies, creating a wonderfully rich and textured sauce, ground coriander, Chilli, Garam masala and fennel are prominent in this blend producing a medium to hot dish… replace the chillies with peppers if you prefer a milder curry.



Our recipe is based on a dish from the Danish settlement of tranquebar in madras and produces a stunning curry, this dish is of medium heat, with cayenne pepper, Cumin and coriander featuring, and is bursting with rich and exotic flavours.



We have based this dish on a traditional Old Delhi recipe. It is mild, very delicate in taste and attractive to look at with its creamy light colour. Modern cooks prefer a combination of Cashews and almonds we stuck with the original recipe of almonds only. This dish is better cooked with all white meat so breast of chicken is best.


Bombay Potatoes

This recipe is based on a dish that belongs to the Gujarati, a totally vegetarian sect and the largest population group in Mumbai. The sesame, mustard and cumin seeds create a wonderful, distinctive flavour, and can be an accompaniment to almost any Indian dish.


Chilli Masala

The Market champion!! Whenever we cook tasters for shows or markets this curry is our best seller, we have the hottest curry in the world and this might be the tastiest. Our Chilli Masala has slight similarities to Tikka Masala but with a little more bite. The cayenne pepper and paprika, contrast wonderfully with the cream and yoghurgt creating a silky texture, ending with a satisfying kick.



This recipe has a beautifully delicate flavour, using peppers, tomatoes and sautéed onions for richness with a finely balanced blend of spices (coriander, cumin and pepper being the most prominent) to create a delightful Indian curry which is of a medium heat and is best served with Palau rice.



Biryani is a meal in itself and needs no accompaniment, except for chapattis or even poppadoms. It is a dish that is equally at home on the family dining table or as a dinner party centrepiece. Cloves, cardamom and cinnamon feature strongly, creating an aromatic dish, bursting with flavour.


Rogan Josh

A Kashmiri curry using yogurt. This curry is mildly spiced and has a wonderful flavour. We have combined the recipes of both the Hindu and Muslim communities and replaced exotic ingredients with those which are readily available. A big favourite at Starly’s!


Pepper Chicken

Pepper was used to spice Indian dishes until the Portuguese invaded the Country in the 15th century and introduced chillies!! This curry is dedicated to those ancient Indian recipes, with pepper, Fennel and ginger featuring strongly… however we added a little Chilli powder for a modern twist, this dish has a very distinctive flavour.

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