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Valentines Day Choc's

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Valentines Day Present
All Hampers consist of a wicker basket filled with red filling and covered with clear crinkle paper.
Luxury Chocolate Hamper
1 each of the following:
Mexican Chilli Chocolate Almonds
Champagne Smouldering Chocolate Fireballs
Flaming Chocolate Fireballs
2 x 72% Cocoa Chocolate Bars
Fantastic Chilli Chocolate Spread
Only £15.00 inc VAT

Chocolate Hamper
1 each of the following:
Mexican Chilli Chocolate Almonds
Champagne Smouldering Chocolate Fireballs
Flaming Chocolate Fireballs
Only £10.00 inc VAT


Mexican Medley of Chilli Flakes
1 each of the following:
30g Glass Jar of Chipotle Flakes, Smoked jalapeno chillies. Medium heat level, smoky, tobacco tones. Ideal for flavouring soups and mixing with other ingredients to make condiments or sauces.

30g Glass Jar of Chilli de Arbol Flakes, Colourful, hot chilli. Wonderful used on it’s own as a condiment or added to soups, noodles or stews to give an instant vibrant heat.

30g Glass Jar of Ancho Flakes, Sweet, rich, fruity, medium heat. Most popular dried chilli in Mexican cooking. Essential for moles, chilaquiles and enchilada sauces.

30g Glass Jar of Pasilla Flakes, Dark, herby, rich, sharp dried fruit flavour, medium to hot. Excellent as a garnish for soups, for rustic salsas, moles and adobes.

30g Glass Jar of Guajillo Flakes, Maroon coloured with a full, fruity, sharp flavour, fairly mild. Very popular in Mexican cooking, crucial to a good mole or adobe.
Only £15.00


Hot Hamper Collection
1 each of the following:
Pure Pain Paste
Bhut Jolokia Pods
Satan’s Ashes
Hot Chilli Sauce
Only £14.00


Ultimate Hot Hamper
1 each of the following:
PPP (Pure Pain Paste)
Trinidad Scorpion Chutney
Bhut Jolokia Pods
Bhut Jolokia Flakes
Hot Chilli Sauce
Only £22.00

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Compact, decorative and easy to grow. With only a little tender loving care you can grow your own hot chilli peppers from our seeds.
All Seeds are 1.75 per packet, unless stated otherwise, each packet contains an average of 15 seeds, unless stated otherwise.  A free Packet of Seeds with all chilli seed Orders Over 5 Except Seed Collections.

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