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The Hottest and Tastiest Chilli Chocolate In The World!

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The Perfect Chilli Chocolate Spread

Our premium chocolate spread is made without hydrogenated fats and is ideal in sandwiches, toast or baking.

Smooth and rich, The chocolate spread is smooth and has a full rich chocolate taste. Fantastic smooth, creamy chilli chocolate spread just the right amount of heat. Great for dipping fruit in, ideal on toast, brioche or straight off the spoon.

180g Jar £2.50 plus £1 supplement towards postage of heavy items. This is due to additional postage charges.


72% Cocoa Chilli Chocolate Bar

The Chilli Pepper Company win accolade from Tom Parker-Bowles Food Writer, Mail On Sunday, he rates some of the chilli chocolate on the market "The key is the chilli and chocolate working together in blissful harmony, lovers rather than fighters. And the aim is a perfect marriage of equals – not an assault on the taste buds. Made with 72 per cent cocoa solids, this is decent dark chocolate with depth and a long, smooth finish, although it’s not especially complex. The cayenne pepper is well judged, too, only emerging towards the end of the mouthful and giving a well-mannered warmth that works harmoniously with the rich chocolate." Rated 4/5

A fantastic taste experience, just this side of too hot makes this bar of dark chocolate a winner with all the family. Ingredients: Cocoa Mass, Raw Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin, Cayenne Pepper nut free
1 40g Bar £1.00
6 Bars £5 SAVING £1
12 Bars £10 SAVING £2


Flaming Chocolate Fireballs

Milk chocolate encasing a luxurious creamy praline filing spiced with the Hottest Chilli in the World, the Bhut Jolokia giving them a fiery chilli centre. Manufactured in Cumbria exclusively for The Chilli Pepper Company

The Chilli Pepper Company - Flaming Chocolate Fireballs
"More about fire than flavour, these are milk chocolate pralines made with the Bhut Jolokia chilli, said by Guinness World Records to be the hottest in the world. The notes and nuances in the chocolate are soon blasted away by a fierce chilli burn. Strictly for hot-heads." Rated ***** 3/5
£3 for 100g


Champagne, Orange and Chilli
(Smouldering Chocolate Fireballs)

Milk chocolate encasing a luxurious creamy centre that combines the sophisticated tastes of champagne, orange and Jalapeno chilli giving them a hot spiced centre. Manufactured in Cumbria exclusively for The Chilli Pepper Company.
100g £2.99


Chilli Chocolate Hamper

Chilli Chocolate Christmas/Present Hamper
One bag of each of our fantastic chilli chocolates,
* Flaming Fireballs
* Champagne, Orange and Chilli
* Mexican Chilli Almonds

Chilli Chocolate Hamper Bag full of our best selling Chilli Chocolates. Try three of our hot chocolates in a gift hamper for the love in your life.
Chocolate Hamper Bag £10.00


Chilli Chocolate Almonds

A fantastic chilli chocolate treat, a great depth of heat and flavour ending in a soft crunch of a whole roasted almond. This is the favourite in the office and will prove to be one of our best sellers.
If you like your heat to give you a medium hot stab and then to slowly build this is the treat for you. You can have the chilli chocolate almonds in a clear cello bag tied with a gold ribbon or in a fancy gold box tied with a gold ribbon.
150g bag £2.99


Chilli Cough Sweets

Handmade the traditional way in the UK exclusively for us
Our cough sweets are made using a special formulation of aromatic oils and flavourings infused with the beneficial effects of chilli and are ideal for the Throat and Chest, they are very pleasant tasting, but effective, soft-centred lozenge.
Chilli Cough Lozengers 150g Bag £1.50


Bears That Bite

They are almost un BEAR able!
Gummy bears with an Extra Hot Orange Habanero kick. No artificial flavours or colourings
Gluten free
No preservatives
Very Hot - For Adults Only
100g Bag Only 2.00


Hot Cherry Chilli Sweets

Handmade the traditional way in the UK
Our hot chilli sweets come in a fantastic and delicious cherry fruit flavour. These sweets are great tasting with a chilli heat that is consistent all the way through.
Chilli Cherry Sweets 150g Bag £1.50


Chilli Chewing Gum

A great tasting chewing gum with heat that builds in the mouth and lasts and lasts, lasts at least 20 minutes.
5 Stick Packet Hot Chilli Chewing Gum 50p


Handmade Chilli Butter Fudge

Using Guajillo Chilli, and Cayenne Pepper we have cooked up 2 of the tastiest Handmade Butter Fudges on the market. We have in stock 2 fudges: Hot Chilli Fudge and Ginger Chilli Fudge. Picking 2 specific chilli varieties we have highlighted the flavour of the chilli and that compliments the fudge.
150g £1.95
Hot Chilli Fudge

Ginger Chilli Fudge ( once tasted it becomes a firm favourite)

Bhut Jolokia Infused Whole Cashew Nuts

These are seriously hot and should only be carried and eaten by persons over 18 years of age.
100g £2


Hot and spicy crisps

Research shows almost 95%* of us are getting spicy in the kitchen and 84%* of us are cooking more exotic dishes. So, in September 2007, Seabrooks launched their sizzling new Hot & Spicy range: 4 tongue-torching flavours for heat-fiends everywhere.
With modern flavours for modern tastes, these grown-up premium crisps are at an amazingly low price, 80p and are definitely not for the faint hearted. Available in big, lip-smacking 53.7g bags, each variety comes with a memorable “hot-o-meter” printed on the side and a distinctive, fiery design!

1 Bag Oriental 80p

1 Bag Hot n Spicy Mustard 80p

1 Bag Hot n Spicy 2 Chilli, Jalapeno and Habanero 80p

1 Bag Hot n Spicy Wasabi 80p

4 Bags Hot n Spicy Mixed

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