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Germination Ideas

Grow your own hot chilli peppers Seed

A corner of my dinning room at home, 207 plants, amazing what you can grow in a small corner.

This is my selection of Bih and Bhut Jolokia plants, under the white foam is a cable and sand propagation setup with another 8 trays of 40 germinating seeds.

It is easy to make your own chilli seed propagator, here I use an old biscuit tin lined with a freezer bag. On top of that is a double sheet of kitchen paper. I have 2 seperate lots of seeds so I have split the tin in half. Put the kitchen paper in and spray with a mister bottle of water, boiled and cooled if in high chlorine area. If you smoke make sure you wash your hands before touching the seeds.

The seeds are then placed around the damp paper, sprayed again to wet the seed and a damp bit of doubled paper over.

A piece of cling film stretched over the tin and hole pierced in the top to let it aerate.

Put in a warm place and check every day for mergence and to make sure it is still damp.
Good Luck

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