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Herb plants grown from seeds for the home or greenhouse. All herbs are 1.30


(Borago officinalis) Beautiful blue star-shaped flowers hang in clusters. The leaves are covered with stiff white hairs and appear to be almost woolly. Bees love the abundant bright flowers, which are great for floating in cool drinks at summer parties. Plants grow 2-3' tall and self-sow. Annual.
SOW, March to October
SOW, Direct into final position.

When seedlings are large enough to handle, thin out to about 60cm apart. Harvest leaves any time or flowers when fully in bloom.


Sweet Mace or Spanish Tarragon

(Tagetes lucida) Beautiful, glossy leaves with small anise-scented orange flowers. The darling of many renowned chefs, some even make a pesto from it! Thrives in warm, well drained, sunny areas. Plants grow 12-24".
SOW, March and April.
SOW, Sow the fine seeds thinly into pots or trays in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse.

TRANSPLANT, When seedlings are large enough to handle, plant into 9cm pots. Grow on and plant out in September


Giant Italy Parsley

(Petroselinum crispum) Large bushy plants produce a continuous supply of large flat leaves with strong parsley flavour. Prized by Italian cooks, grown as an annual. 85-90 days. CERTIFIED ORGANIC
SOW, May to September.
SOW, In pots or trays under in a greenhouse or in the house at about 13°C. From July you can sow direct into the ground

TRANSPLANT, Greenhouse sowings should be thinned to 5-6cm apart before gradually hardening off and planting out in April 50cm apart. Outdoor sowings should be gradually thinned to spacing of 40cm.


Dill, Mammoth

(Anethum graveolens) Self-seeding annual. Large fragrant heads which make a nice decoration and provide fragrant seeds for culinary use. produce many seeds. Abundant long-lasting foliage. This variety produces very little leaf and runs to seed very fast.
SOW, March to July
SOW, In open ground in short rows.

TRANSPLANT, Thin out as they grow to 30cm apart.


Thai Basil

(O. basilicum) Spicy anise-clove scent and flavour. Most commonly used in Thai or Vietnamese cooking. Attractive plants are 12-18" tall with medium-green leaves. Stems and blossoms are purple, very good for pot culture. Annual.
SOW, March to June
SOW, In pots or trays at 22°C cover lightly with compost. Can be sown outside from early July.

TRANSPLANT, As soon as seedlings are large enough to handle, plant into small pots. Transplant to growing site in June or into permanent containers, thin to 15cm apart.


Thai Basil, Siam Queen

Siam Queen's exotic flavour combines the taste of sweet spices with the clove-mint flavour of basil. It is a beautiful form of basil that grows about 2' high x 2' round. The scent and taste is slightly different from ordinary sweet basil and has a more liquorice/clove-mint flavour. Thai basil is used in all types of Thai cooking as well as other Asian and middle eastern cultures.
SOW, March to June
SOW, In pots or trays at 22°C cover lightly with compost. Can be sown outside from early July.

TRANSPLANT, As soon as seedlings are large enough to handle, plant into small pots. Transplant to growing site in June or into permanent containers, thin to 15cm apart.


St. John's Wort

(Hypericum perforatum) Shrubby plant with yellow flowers. Grows to 12-16" tall and flowers early. If taking any medication consult your doctor before taking.



(Ruta graveolens) Small grey-green leaves in clusters, with small yellow flowers. Pungent bitter leaves are used sparingly in salads and oriental dishes.
SOW, Outside in April to May in a shallow drill. Cover lightly with fine soil and water well. Plant out when large enough.
SOW, In light, well drained soil in full sun.

You can harvest the leaves anytime. Drying is not recommended. Store In airtight jars in a cool dark place.


Greek Oregano

(Origanum heracleoticum) This variety has been specifically chosen for it's culinary uses. Delicious, pungent flavour, claimed to be better and sharper than true oregano. Light-green, oval, pointed leaves that are slightly wavy at the edges.
SOW, Outside - in spring. Plant just below the surface of the soil or compost and water well. Can be grown inside any time of the year. Transplant when large enough.
SOW, In any good garden soil that is well drained. Site in full sun.

HARVEST, The leaves any time, leaves and flower heads can be dried in a cool oven or in the airing cupboard. Store in an air tight jar.


Sweet Marjoram

(Origanum Majorana) Highly esteemed for a variety of seasoning. Similar to oregano, but noticeably sweeter. Attractive 12-24" plants, small white flowers.
SOW, Late March to late May
SOW, Under glass at 20°C

TRANSPLANT, When seedlings are large enough to handle, plant into pots. Once harden off plant out.



(Cuminum cyminum) Native to Egypt. A low-growing plant, seldom more than 4-6" high. Seeds are used as a flavouring in soups, stews, curry powder, pastries, and still used in the manufacturing of some liqueurs. We use this ground in our chilli sauces and chilli con carne. Self-seeding annual.
SOW, Outside in April covered with a thin layer of soil or compost. Thin to 15cm apart in May or June.
SOW, Grow in good, well drained, sandy garden soil.

HARVEST, The seeds when ripe, usually August to September.


Sweet Balm, Lemon Balm

Grows 1' to 2' high (Melissa officinalis) Strong lemon-scented leaves are used for making tea, a favourite of the French King Charles V in the 14th century. Use to give lemon flavour to fish, poultry and vegetables. Makes a cooling refreshing tea which may be consumed if you have flu or a cold. Use 1/2 pint of boiling water poured over 1/2 ounce of the herb, allow to sit for 10 minutes strain and drink.
SOW, Spring.
SOW, In shallow drills, cover lightly with fine compost or soil.

TRANSPLANT, seedlings are large enough to handle, thin out to about 60cm apart.


Florence Fennel

(Foeniculum vulgare) Called Finnocchio in Italy. Broad overlapping leaf bases form large bulb-like enlargements at base of the stem. Celery-like stalks need a steady supply of consistent watering and have mild liquorice flavour. Feathery dill-like leaves. Plants grow to 3' tall. Tender perennial grown as an annual.
In Italy it is one of the commonest and most popular vegetables.
SOW, Outside in spring when soil is warm. Sow in shallow drills. Thin seedlings and transplant when large enough.
SOW, Grow in good garden soil which is well drained and in full sun.

HARVEST, Harvest seeds when ripe, cut stems for drying before or after seeding and cut into 15cm lengths. Dry stems in a cool oven or airing cupboard. Store seeds in airtight jars and stems in long jars or brown paper bags. Use the leaves with all rich fish, especially trout and salmon. May also be used with pork and sauces and salads. Seed may be added to apple pie. Fish cooked over the dried stems is delicious.

Germination Solution
Helping you get the best from your seeds.
We have recently completed trials germinating a selection of our very hot chilli seeds. We grew a tray with seeds soaked in our germination solution and a tray without and found a 50% increase in germination success rate.

Chilli seeds can be hard to germinate at the best of times, our germination solution is available to help you get the best from germinating your seeds.
Germination Solution £1.18
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