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All seeds are £1.75 per packet, unless stated otherwise, each packet contains an average of 15 seeds, unless stated otherwise.

NuMex Big Jim, Heat Level 7
NuMex Big Jim, This chilli is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest pepper. It produces long, thick, smooth, fleshy fruits. Because of the large pods, the chilli is a favourite of home gardeners and chefs for making chilli rellenos. Plant to plant variation in pungency is quite great. (Capsicum annuum)


NuMex Sunrise, Sunset, Eclipse
Mixed seed packet, Heat Level 6
A great chilli to have in the kitchen for adding heat and colour to any dish. These cultivars, were unique in providing alternative mature fruit colour in the New Mexican pod type, medium heat.
30 Mixed Seeds £3.00


Black Cuban, Heat Level 7
Very Hot Ornamental, black foliage, black to red very hot fruits. (Capsicum annuum)


Heat Level 6
This pepper is known as Hawk Claw chilli because of its talon shape. It is a very hot specialty pepper from Japan. Compact, high yielding plants average 2 feet in height. (Capsicum annuum)


Santaka, Heat Level 5
This is a very tasty Japanese chilli. A very dark red fruit grows upright, . It is ideally suited for growing in containers. It is a great chilli for hanging in the kitchen and drying for use all year. (Capsicum annuum)


Holiday Chilli Line
This line of tasty ornamental chilli peppers was designed especially for the holiday’s. Fruit are upright, bullet shaped or round and abundant with different colour transitions for each holiday.


NuMex St. Patrick's Day,
Green to Orange


NuMex Valentine Day
Ivory to Red


NuMex Christmas Day
Green to Red


NuMex Halloween
Black to Orange


NuMex Centennial
Developed for New Mexico State University's 100 year anniversary, colourful ornamental.


NuMex Mirasol
Heat Level 5
NuMex Mirasol is used both as an ornamental on wreaths and a ground powder in cooking, hot.


NuMex Pinata
Heat Level 6+ (Multicoloured Jalapeno)
NuMex Pinata is a multicoloured Jalapeno. The fruit changes from bright green to bright yellow then to orange and finally to red, it could become a favourite for salads and stir-fries with a bit of colour or for a colourful salsa.


Aurora, Heat Level 7++
Small 10-12" plants, purple and green foliage, chillies 1½" long. Upright plant, ripens from lavender to deep purple to bronze/orange and finally to red. Very nice for the patio or in the house. (Capsicum annuum)


Candlelight, Heat Level 6
Very ornamental compact 12-16" plants completely covered with thin tapered fruits 1" long by ¼" wide. Fruits grow in clusters of 4-6, ripen from green to yellow to orange to brilliant red. (Capsicum annuum)


Heat Level 5
Polish chilli with good flavour. Red, tapered, slightly curved fruits are 4 inch long by 1 to1/2 inch wide. Used extensively by the spice industry in Poland because of its ease of drying. Makes a very good paprika.


Georgia Flame
Heat Level 7
A chilli from the Republic of Georgia, Russia. Plants grow 24" tall and produce lots of chillies over a long season. Fruits are 2" by 6-8"long. An excellent chilli pepper to use for salsa and adding a crunch to salads. (Capsicum annuum)


Mustard Habanero
Heat Level 10++
This is a very special Habanero very hot chilli growing on a 32" plant, a must for the chilli lovers! (Capsicum Chinense)


Peach Habanero
Heat Level 10++
This is an ideal Habanero chilli plant for in the house or on the office desk, compact 16-18" plants are absolutely loaded with peach-coloured fruits. (Capsicum Chinense)


Heat Level 6
No space for a chilli plant?
look no further a chilli pepper with foliage that looks like bay leaves. Tiny 6" plants are spectacular when grown in the garden or on window sills. Perfect for a splash of colour in the greenhouse or around the home. This plant will make an excellent present for friends or family.


Orange Thai
Heat Level 6
This seed is Certified Organic chilli that will have people turning their heads, fruits turn from green to orange in late summer. Lots of 2-2½" long thin fruits. Great for drying and ideal for pots. (Capsicum annuum)


Tobago chilli pepper seeds
Heat Level 6
A chilli collected in a market in Tobago and used in local recipes as a seasoning chilli. Fantastic flavour chillies are all shapes and sizes. (Capsicum Chinense)


White Habanero
300,000 SHU. Heat Level 10++
Small bushy chilli plants produce very high yields of fiery hot chilli peppers of a lantern shape with a creamy/white coloured skin. High yields of very hot very rare; 1.25 to 1.5 inches long by 0.75 to 1 inches wide; matures from greenish white to cream; pendant pods; from Yucatan, A Caribbean variety, a favourite for its smoky taste and extreme heat. (Capsicum Chinense)


Aji Crystal
Heat Level 8++
A chilli from Chile. Very heavy set of 1½" by 3½" fruits on 3' plants. Waxy fruits ripen light green to yellow to light reddish-orange. Excellent hot citrus flavour is best eaten raw when immature, great for salsa. (Capsicum baccatum var. pendulum)


Hot Vegetarien
Heat Level 8++
The picture lets this chilli down, it is one that I have grown and is a great tasting chilli. Next year I am growing it to take some proper shots. From the Caribbean, this is a great favourite for it's unique aromatic flavour. The same family as the Habanero. Elongated chillies grow on a great looking plant. (Capsicum Chinense)


Purple Serrano
Heat Level is 8
This chilli plant is a great addition to the looks of a greenhouse or conservatory. Fruit turns green, purple then red, great for adding chilli flavour in coking. The Serrano, meaning 'from the mountains', is native to Mexico and south-west America. It is widely believed to be the hottest chilli by many Americans who adore it in its red or green form. It can be best described as bullet-shaped. It can be threaded on string and dried for a colourful ornament. (Capsicum annuum)


NuMex Sunflare
Heat Level 5
These chillies are great together to make a splash of colour that will have peoples heads turning for another look, and you can eat them. Immature fruit colour is green, while mature fruit colour is yellow, red, and orange for 'NuMex Sunglo', 'NuMex Sunflare'. The Sunglow chilli plant produces good yields of 3 ¼" long by ½" wide hot chillies. Chillies grow upright and turn from green to a bright yellow when mature. A great chilli for adding colour to cooking and a colourful hot chilli to brighten the home or garden. The chillies are hot, however, the level has not been tested. (Capsicum annuum)

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