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Chenzo Hot Chilli Pepper
A compact dark leaved Chilli Pepper with an elegant, arching habit and masses of Black Chillies which hand vertically under the branches. Chenzo is ideal for a Patio vegetable garden, mixed container or even a windowsill. The small fruit (5-6 cm) begin green when very small, then turn jet black before ripening fully to a bright red. At any point through the fruiting season there is fruit of 3 colours on the plant! (Capsicum frutescens)
£1.75 for 15 seeds

Heat Level 5
Height 18" An attractive dwarf Chilli Pepper, Great for display and cooking, Excellent yield of 7cm long pointed fruit, Makes a superb pot or patio plant, fruits all summer long. (Capsicum frutescens)
£2.50 for 15 seeds


Redskin, Dwarf Bell Pepper
Height 12" to 18" Great for display or cooking, Medium sized 4 to 5" fruit turn red on ripening very early fruiting with excellent yield. Holds fruit well for a long shelf life has a compact upright habit. Ideal for growing in pots or containers. (Capsicum Annum)
£1.75 for 15 seeds


Mohawk, Bell Pepper
Perfect for adding to spicy dishes for a bit of crunch - Height 12" to 16" Great for display or cooking, very early and high yielding 4 to 5" attractive golden – orange fruits, compact spreading plant, Excellent for pots or containers. (Capsicum Annum)
£1.75 for 15 seeds


Cheyenne Chilli Pepper
A compact chilli pepper, great for display or cooking. Masses of medium-sized orange fruit holds fruit well for a long shelf life. The perfect addition to a Summer garden or Patio good companion to Apache, good performance in pot.
£2.50 for 15 seeds


Little Lanterns Physalis
A more compact Cape Gooseberry suitable for containers on the patio, or for growing the greenhouse. These are a fantastic easy to grow fruit, we grow them every year. Produces abundant 'Chinese Lanterns' with delicious small orange fruits.
£1.75 for 15 seeds


Mignonnette Strawberries
An improved selection of a traditional French wood strawberry, vigorous habit with no runners produces an abundance of miniature conical fruit. Very fragrant and well flavoured fruit a superb variety for patio or garden planting. A delightfully sweet wood strawberry with looks to match!
£1.75 for 15 seeds


Temptation Strawberries
Harvest fruit throughout the season a major improvement over other seed raised strawberries. Large fruited and early produces an abundance of dark red fruit. The compact dark green plants produce few runners an excellent variety for hanging baskets or containers.
£1.75 for 15 seeds


Tumbling Tom Tomato Yellow
A cascading, branching tomato for ornamental container use, even branching habit very high yielding. Sweet and delicious flavour ideal for salads or straight to barbeque.
£1.75 for 15 seeds


Tumbling Tom Tomato Red
As above but a deep beautiful red colour.
£1.75 for 15 seeds


Totem Red Tomato
High yielding, Dwarf compact plant ideal for containers, No staking or pinching out required. Early with medium sized fruit, An ideal variety for pictorial packets, Perfect for patio use in pots, tubs and window boxes.
£1.75 for 15 seeds

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Germination Solution

Helping you get the best from your seeds.
We have recently completed trials germinating a selection of our very hot chilli seeds. We grew a tray with seeds soaked in our germination solution and a tray without and found a 50% increase in germination success rate.

Chilli seeds can be hard to germinate at the best of times, our germination solution is available to help you get the best from germinating your seeds.
Germination Powder £2.00

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