Thick skinned chillies brought indoors to dry in the normal house environment may become mouldy. We dry all our chillies in an airing cupboard and we find that this gives us good results with the minimum of effort.


Convert oven racks to drying racks by stretching muslin or cheesecloth across the oven rack. Secure with toothpicks or long sewn stitches. Alternate trays in the oven periodically to assure an even drying
Set oven control at its lowest setting, but not below 140-150 degrees. If using an electric oven, wedge a pot holder between oven and door to allow a 1″ opening. Moisture from the drying food will vent through this opening. Close the door on a gas oven, this will cause moisture to escape via exhaust gas flue.
Note: When drying Chilli peppers, select the freshest pods (and ideally ones with colour streaks), wash them, remove any damaged areas that have cuts, breaks or spoil spots. Cut into even pieces. Do not blanch Chilli Peppers
For green Chilli Peppers: Wash. To loosen skins, cut slit in skin, then rotate over flame 6-8” min. or scald in boiling water. Peel and split pods. Remove seeds and stem. Dry as above.