A strain from the renowned Chilli Pepper Institute (CPI) from a fruit originally from Assam in North East India

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The Bhut Jolokia chilli pepper has been used in India for centuries but has only recently been enjoyed by the Western world. A scientist, R.K.R. Singh, working at the Indian Government’s Defence Research Laboratory in Tezpur in Assam decided to have this most treasured chilli pepper analysed a few years back. The Chilli Pepper Institute (CPI) of the New Mexico State University got wind of the outstanding results and decided to test it themselves.

It’s in 2001 that they got hold of a Bhut Jolokia seed from somebody who had collected it whilst in Assam. Taking advantage of the warm climate of Southern New Mexico the plant flourished and gave out pods that tested at an amazing 1,001,304 on the Scoville Scale Unit. Further testing of the homegrown strain of the Frontal Agritech in Assam gave a reading of 1,041,427 SHU so this is a chilli pepper that is pretty consistent overall.

In view of its origin it is of course an amazing chilli to cook curry with thanks to its great taste and aroma but many other dishes are greatly enhanced by this fiery chilli.


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