A wicked capsicum chinense chilli that the devil himself would think twice about before consuming!

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The Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Blend chilli originally from Trinidad and Tobago is well known by connoisseurs and created quite a fuss in the chilli world when it was confirmed to be the hottest ever in 2012 with over 2 million SHU (the same as tear gas). As you will have guessed this is not a chilli to handle lightly.

Its rough, pebbled skin and thick flesh sets it apart from other common chillies and its golf-ball size means you’ll have plenty to go around every time you want to make a large batch of chilli con carne or Rogan josh. Its flavour really shines when slow-cooked rather than consumed raw but again, make sure to have dairy at hand or just let yourself be engulfed by this atomic chilli if you dare.


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